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Payment can be made by card, cash or BACS

Price examples : Clipping - small dog i.e. Westie from £35, medium size dog i.e. Cocker Spaniel from £40, large dog i.e. Retriever from £45

If your breed is not listed above please do not hesitate to contact me on                         info "at" dogwash hyphen grooming dot co dot uk  or call me on 07506 859277

New for 2019!

Teeth Cleaning

Includes - Teeth cleaning using the Emmi-Pet toothbrush system which is 100% ultrasound.

  • This is the first dental cleaning and oral hygiene system for animals with 100% ultrasound.
  • Motion and soundless dental cleaning. Gentle without brushing
  • Penetrates deep into the gums
  • Max. 96 million air oscillations per minute
  • Can help to prevent gum inflammations, periodontitis, tartar, bad breath odour and dental loss.

Price - All breeds initial treatment approx 1/2hr £25 (includes brush head for your dog)                            All breeds subsequent treatment 15mins £15

Puppy Pamper

This is an excellent was to introduce your puppy to the grooming process.and will ensure that grooming will become part of your puppy's regular routine. It is important that your puppy is introduced to being groomed at an early age.   I recommend that your puppy’s first visit should be once they are fully vaccinated i.e. between 12-16 weeks.

Includes - Assessment of coat type and skin condition.  A mini puppy groom which will last about ½ hour  -  a gentle brush, a nail trim and some general handling to get them used to the grooming process.  Price £20

This can be followed up by a longer session where the puppy will have a warm bath, be dried and have their ears and feet checked.  If they are relaxed and happy after this, a full groom can be performed which includes hydro bathing, drying and coat trimming.

I will be able to advise you on the recommend time in between professional grooms for your puppy.  You can then decide whether to opt for a mini or a full groom.

Full Pamper Spa

  • Health checking of your dog
  • Groom through to remove knots, tangles, dead hair or shedding hair. Inspection of foot pads for excess hair and debris.
  • Nail trim Ear care – removing excess hair and cleaning.
  • Trimming of the sanitary area.
  • A warm Hydro bath using a shampoo specially formulated for the specific coat needs of your pet including a conditioner if needed.
  • Drying using a professional high velocity drier Styling to a style of your choice, or if preferred a breed specific style.
  • Finishing Fragrance Spray.


Bath Brush & Blow Dry 

Small (depending on the coat type)                   from £25

Medium (depending on the coat type)              from £30

Large (depending on the coat type)                   from £40

 Explanation of some of the services

Hydro bath

A hydro bath is a dog sized bath which has a hand held shower head. A pump sprays fresh, warm water at a moderate pressure which penetrates through the dog’s coat, not only washing it thoroughly but also cleaning the skin and provides for an invigorating massage. This helps with blood circulation, relieves tired muscles and has been found to be beneficial in certain cases for arthritis sufferers and older dogs. The use of a hydro bath will open the pores of the dogs skin which may aid, cure or prevent many skin infections and irritations, as well as removing a lot of dead hair. A regular hydro bath is an essential part of your dog’s grooming needs. It will help maintain clean and healthy skin and coat, and maintain the well-being of your dog.

Turbo drying is a high air velocity drying system which will allow your dog’s coat to be fully opened up and allow the dead hair or dander from your dog’s undercoat to be blown out.  The removal of this dander helps to reduce airborne elements in the home and helps to promote a better living space for both you and your pet.

Consultation/Health Check an initial assessment of the coat and skin is carried out and discussed prior to the start of the grooming process.  Details will be recorded on your individual record card.

Finishing spray (on request)