Winter is here!

When the weather starts to get colder, the general response  when I ask the question "do you want Fido to have his normal shorter cut?" is "Oh no he/she will get cold!"  There are those who prefer to grow out their dogs coats over the winter which allows them to stay warm and cosy.  This is logical and with care and attention this is absolutely fine.  However, please consider the following before making a decision.

  • the reasons you usually have Fido cut shorter -  will probably be because it fits his and your lifestyle better.  This won't change  during the winter.  If your dog is usually a mud magnet this won't change in the winter.  A long coat will be problematic in the rain or snow!
  • Long coats take lots of brushing.  When they get wet after a rainy walk or are totally caked in mud, brushing time will double.  You cannot let them air dry without brushing and you cannot towel dry without brushing.  If you do either of these it will cause the coat to develop knots and even worse matts.
  • During the autumn when all of the leaves have fallen off the trees your dogs long coat will pick up leaves, twigs and all kinds of other debris.  Having a long coat just means more places for the above to get stuck.
  • Longer coats take longer to dry - simples! You need to dry long coats properly whilst brushing to avoid knots. Long coats need to be dried from root to tip over the entire dog.

So what are your options? Are you able to leave Fido with a longer coat in winter? Yes of course you can but you just need to be aware that his/her grooming regime will increase dramatically.  Daily brushing taking longer.  You can bring your dog to me for a regular brush out, bath and blow dry or just a brush.

If you have any questions about winter grooming please contact me on 07506 859277 or email me at info at dogwash hypen grooming dot co dot uk


thank you